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Village Home – Homeschooling Resource

“But what about socialization?” This might just be one of the most common questions homeschooling parents hear.  While there are lots of ways to meet friends and create community in the Portland metro area, we found Village Home to be a great place for this.  Think of it as a college, just for kids, where they can take a la carte classes (or participate in the “day program”) for three 10-week sessions.

Classes are taught by people who are passionate about a certain subject (or subjects), and there are ample opportunities to volunteer and get to know other families.  In addition to classes, there are low-cost clubs, evening and weekend events, as well as parent enrichment classes which are open to anyone who is interested in learning more about homeschooling, not just for Village Home participating families.

Below is the information we received from Lori Walker about Village Home.

Carolyn Groves

Village Home

Portland has become a national and international homeschooling dream destination!  Leading the way in homeschool education and support in the Pacific Northwest, Village Home provides in-person classes to more than 800 homeschool kids ages K-12.

With in-person classes offered 5 days a week at 3 different campuses, Village Home lets you and your kids pick just the classes you want to supplement your homeschool experience while joining the thriving Village Home social scene. Recently featured in the documentary, “Class Dismissed” (#1 education video in Amazon Prime Video), Village Home is designed to inspire learners to take responsibility for their own education.

The selection of academic classes at Village Home rivals a small college’s course catalog, with math, chemistry, literature, biology, archeology, history, and art, all taught by skilled teachers in small classes designed for self-directed learners.

Village Home also gives homeschoolers a chance to shine in group activities, including school plays, our award-winning competitive teams, musical performances. As an example, current offerings include DIY Maker Club, Chess Club, Improv Comedy, Mock Trial, Tae Kwon Do, Board Game Club, and Choir.

In the classroom, hands-on projects and active learning abounds, from learning animal biology at a local veterinarian’s office to studying poetry through lyrics to performing plays for a packed audience. Whether you choose to take a class for one-hour a week, or all day,  Village Home provides just as much school as you want for your family, all designed by homeschoolers for homeschoolers.

Village Home has no high-stakes tests and no grades–just small classes, skilled instructors, and a focus on authentic, high-quality learning.

With academic choices and freedom to organize their own schedules, Village kids are scientists, artists, writers, historians, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and actors.  Located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Village Home Education Resource Center is proud to be a place where homeschool families feel at home.



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