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Jennifer Butler-Brown of Barefoot Books

Barefoot Books – Homeschooling Resource

As a former public children’s and young adult librarian, I’m a giant book lover!  While at one of the first Life is Good conferences we attended, I had the great pleasure of meeting Jennifer Butler-Brown of Barefoot Books.  All of the books Barefoot publishes (they also carry games, music and puppets among other things) fall under their mission to “celebrate diversity, spark curiosity and capture children’s imaginations” — all things important to me as a homeschooling parent.

I have had the opportunity to connect with Jennifer at several conferences.  She brings an amazing display of books and other materials, and is always incredibly knowledgeable about her products.  She is a former homeschooling parent herself, and a great advocate for teaching your own and even offers a discount to homeschoolers.

Below is the information we received from Jennifer about Barefoot Books.

Carolyn Groves

Barefoot Books

Hello!  I’m Jen, a former homeschooling mom and independent bookstore manager (Grass Roots Books and Music in Corvallis).  I’ve been an ambassador for over 10 years for the amazing Barefoot Books, a publishing house started by 2 moms who were not finding the kinds of books they wanted for their own kids — stories that put our connected humanity at the forefront that are geared towards diversity and inclusion.  In addition to books, we have music, puppets and other items such as games and puzzles.

One of my superpowers is matching the right book/material to your needs!  Tell me what you are looking for and I will find the perfect items for you!  I also offer customized services including but not limited to complimentary gift wrapping, maintaining lists of your ordered books (and gifts!), shipping, and free delivery in the Portland metro area.

Our books are not typically in stock on Amazon (they sometimes buy them from third party retailers) but I have at least one copy in stock of almost every item in our online (and paper) catalog.  I offer a 20% discount to homeschooling families — Email [email protected] to place your order!



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