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Portland Parks & Recreation – Homeschooling Resource

When my girls were younger, one of the things they loved to do was to go swimming (and playing in the “lazy river”) at the Mt Scott Community Center.  It was a lovely thing to do on a rainy winter day, and a great place to meet up with other homeschoolers during the day when the community center was not as busy.   Short or no lines meant endless rides on the slides!

I went to many of the  “indoor gym” sessions with my younger daughter, while her big sister was attending classes or playing with friends.  My older daughter recently took and thoroughly enjoyed a series of clay classes at Matt Dishman.  The Ladybug Walks we went on were informative and fun, but my favorite memory is taking tap dance lessons (initially just for the girls, but then a few other moms and I joined in as well!) at Peninsula Park Community Center.

I can’t say enough good things about the low-cost high-value activities offered by PP&R!  They are always open to suggestions for new programs, and have something for everyone, all over our fine city!

Below is the information we received from Mark Ross about Portland Parks and Recreation.

Carolyn Groves

Portland Parks and Recreation

Portland Parks & Recreation is perfect for homeschooling families!

Homeschooling your children may offer the benefit of a flexible schedule, and parents have hundreds of choices for all ages with Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R). Every day of the week, and all day long, PP&R community centers, parks, and natural areas offer thousands of acres for fun, learning, and relaxation. We have seasonal sports offerings specifically for homeschoolers here (or call your nearest community center for more info). Plus, for youngsters, some PP&R community centers offer Indoor Park, for safe and cooperative toddler playtime with games and toys (accompanied by you). Some other popular choices are highlighted below.

Teach kids about nature!
PP&R’s Environmental Education division has early childhood programs, summer nature day camp, Teen Environmental Education programs, volunteer opportunities, nature adventures and job skills training. For youngsters, explore the wild world around us with PP&R’s Ladybug Nature Walks. Held in PP&R parks and natural areas citywide, these guided walks are for ages 2-6 accompanied by their parents/guardians.

Get active with PP&R!
Our Recreation division includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools with lessons, water fitness classes, open play swims, family swims, and more! Teens can take classes to become certified for PP&R lifeguard jobs. More than a dozen PP&R community centers citywide offer fitness classes, weight rooms, cardio equipment, party rooms, open gym, and much, MUCH more. We also offer the Portland Tennis Center and dozens of sports programs and activities such as PDX Parks Golf, both of which have specific, kid-focused discounts and opportunities. Just some of the other offerings are classes, clinics, and camps for archery, baseball, basketball, bouldering, cheerleading, circus arts, cross-country running, fencing, futsal, martial arts, soccer, volleyball, and gymnastics/tumbling/trampoline.

Arts & Culture
Portland Parks & Recreation is the proud steward of the Community Music Center, Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, the Laurelhurst Dance Studio, and Multnomah Arts Center. Each venue offers fun, creative, year-round chances for valuable exposure to the arts. Top-level instructors and low-cost fun with your friends are just the start of a wide world of inspired possibility. For more about those programs, please visit the PP&R Arts & Culture web site.


Website www.portlandoregon.gov/parks



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