Echo Theater Company – Portland Homeschooling Resource

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Echo Theater Company – Portland Homeschooling Resource

When we first moved to Portland in 2008 we lived in inner SE, and were looking to build community.  We joined the Sunnyside Swapshop (now Southside Swap and Play in Woodstock) which was located in the basement of the Sunnyside Methodist Church.  

We met lots of awesome folks there, one of whom mentioned that their kiddos took circus arts classes through an organization called DoJump!  Our 6 year old was intrigued, and she began taking lessons. Watching her do tricks on the trapeze and tumbling was super exciting for both me and her younger sister, who followed in her (bare)foot steps!  

For many years, both girls took classes there, and we even had one of their birthday parties at the theater with a small group of friends.  They changed their name to Echo Theater Company in 2013, but have always offered amazing classes taught by an outstanding staff.  I highly recommend checking them out!

Below is the information we received from Wendy Cohen about Echo Theater.

Carolyn Groves

Echo Theater Company

Echo Theater Company is a movement company for everyone.  Education Director Wendy Cohen and her husband, Creative Director Aaron Wheeler-Kay bring their passion for innovative expression to their students through ensemble theater traditions, imaginative play, and aerial arts.

Echo offers classes for 1.5 year olds up to senior citizens; and is passionate about inclusion for people of all abilities.  Wendy and Aaron and the Echo teaching staff have experience modifying classes as needed to adapt to the needs of their learners.  Classes are held every day of the week, are multi age, and focus on body work and strength building in a non-competitive, cooperative atmosphere.  Parents can even take classes alongside their children — a great way for kids to see their mom or dad try something new, make mistakes, and try again.  

While they have a number of daytime classes in the schedule that homeschoolers can take advantage of, they are also happy to set up a session for you and your homeschool friends for a one time private lesson, workshop, or regular weekly class.  Financial aid and work trades are available. Please contact the Echo office for details.

In addition to classes, Echo hosts several professional and amateur shows a year in their theater.  Tickets are on a sliding scale and group rates are available?  The Echo space is also available for rentals for birthdays or other events.

What Wendy and Aaron love the most is helping folks interact with other people in meaningful ways.  Through movement and aerial arts, students build physical strength and grace, learning how to communicate clearly and create something better with others.  




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