Piano Possibilities – Portland Homeschooling Resource

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Piano Possibilities – Portland Homeschooling Resource

Piano Possibilities – Portland Homeschooling Resource

There are lots of wonderful music teachers in the Portland metro area and I obviously do not have personal experience with all of them, but I can recommend Lani wholeheartedly from experience!

One of my two daughters took piano from Lani in our home, at Lani’s studio and via Skype.  We found her to be an extremely friendly, knowledgeable and inspiring teacher.  We loved that as a former home educated student herself, Lani really “gets” homeschooling families.

Below is the information we received from Lani about Piano Possibilities.

Carolyn Groves

Piano Possibilities

Piano Possibilities is a piano studio designed for busy families throughout greater Portland, Oregon – lessons can be provided at your home via Skype or the instructor’s music studio. Customized one-on-one instruction is offered by Lani Elston, a classically trained musician to students of all ages and skill levels.

Ms. Elston is experienced with teaching homeschooled students, but also has a unique perspective because she was homeschooled for 10 years prior to attending and graduating from the University of Arizona’s School of Music. Because of her specialized training in music and background as a homeschooled student, her teaching is customized for every individual – because all students learn differently. Students are also offered performance opportunities with studio recitals, frequent group piano classes as well as exposure to music theory and history to enhance their educational experience.

To learn more about Piano Possibilities and Lani Elston, please visit piano-possibilities.com or contact her directly via email at [email protected] or cell phone (971) 251-0456. Thank you!”





Piano Possibilities – Portland Homeschooling Resource


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