Physics by Discovery – Portland Homeschooling Resource

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Physics by Discovery – Portland Homeschooling

Could you use some help with high school science? Physics by Discovery is a
lab-based, college-preparatory high-school level class offered for homeschool
students. In this class, students develop a solid foundation in the standard high
school physics topics through hands-on experiments, interactive lessons,
problem-solving, and application to real-world phenomena. Laboratory work
involves use of high quality lab equipment, including computer data collection
and video analysis. The class is taught by Karen Hunter, an experienced physics
educator who truly enjoys helping young people discover physics!

The class runs from September to May and meets on Thursdays from 9:30 to
11:30 am at Mrs. Hunter's home in the Beaverton/NW Portland area. Class size
is limited to six students to facilitate a high level of interaction, individualized
attention, and access to lab equipment. Successful completion of Algebra 2 is a

An Interest Meeting is held each year in March or April for parents and
prospective students, and information about registration may be found here.
To learn more about the Physics by Discovery class and Karen Hunter, please
visit  or contact her directly at
[email protected]. Thank you!